Damn! That’s a big bitch!


Ol lazy ass bitch...♥

“Whoa, what the fuck is that?!?!”

This is the story of Mama, my infamous Instagram dog.
She’s a pitbull terrier mix, or at least that’s what was sort of told to me.

“She’s a french bulldog mix, she’s definitely not pitbull


What french bulldog is this big, asshole!

Mama is a rescue dog, and when I mean rescue I mean just that.  She wasn’t saved from some bitch ass owner who didn’t feed her, or had her in fights. She was rescued by my brother on a very busy highway with another dog, and sadly the other dog was struck and killed, and this bad bitch was laying on it to protect the dead dog from more harm. When I first heard this I cried, like a punk bitch. Now mind you, this whole time I’m under the impression that this is a French bulldog mix seen small pictures of her. I figured the ears told the bulldog story more than anything.


Gangsta ass dogs like tummy rubs.

When it was time to get her, I was nervous for two reasons: firstly: this was my husband’s anniversary present, and he’s already irritated because our hound dog wasn’t getting enough attention and “woos” all the time (beans isn’t that bad, he’s just a fat ass baby).
Secondly: she needed to be spayed ASAP because Beans wasn’t neutered himself. The only thing that ran through my head when I got her was:

” fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, that’s a big bitch!?!”



Besides little hiccups and persecution with other who just don’t understand hee breed, she’s the most loving dog ever! Don’t let that fool you, she’ll fuck you up. Real gangsta ass dogs do that type of shit. She protects us, she’s playful,she farts out loud, she smacks her lips when shes hungry (seriously the best shit ever) and she loves my sweet potato scraps. That’s my Mama…my bitch. Y’all will be seeing more of her on IG, she knows she’s famous and feeds off that attention. 


Thug dogs wear bunny ears...they don't fuck around.

Moral of the story:
Don’t judge the breed, dumbass!

Keep it thuggish, ruggish and toned, bitches,

Pamela Martha Focker


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