Crossfitting beast! (for 2 whole months, don’t judge me)


Crossfit is a cult! A cult of fucking awesomeness!

Sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been starting up a meal prep business, and believe me when I say, it’s busy as fuck.
I’m looking to open either a food truck and/or a store front. So keep a look out in the Pearland, Tx area for my food!


Wow two months in, I’ve never felt more amazing in my life. I would of never imagined a year ago I’d be here, clauses, and bruises galore! 
I went from being bedridden to cleaning, snatching and all that shit.

Here’s the funny part…I’ve lost weight. I know you’re probably thinking “well duh, ya dumbass”. The thing is that I’m having so much fun with crossfit that I forgot my goal of becoming healthy.


July 2012

So if you’re thinking of doing crossfit but you feel like it’s still too hard for you… think again. If my bitch ass can do it, your punk ass can do it.


(One month after starting crossfit) July 2013

Most amazing part of this kick ass journey, is that my daughter has developed the want and need to crossfit. Her dreams of becoming an Olympic lifter,attending AND winning the Crossfit games has been added to becoming a doctor. Shes amazing and first day of Xfit she was in complete beast mode. Now the problem with all this is she’s flexing the guns almost every 5 minutes.


Xfitting in Jordans...smh she's getting some nanos soon.

Before anyone asks I have no idea how much I’ve lost since first starting
Then again, I really don’t give a shit,  I feel good, and bust my ass 4 days a week to be an inspiration to many but more importantly my daughters.

I Crossfit for the future in my children, not to fit into a size 3 pants.


June 2013 before starting Crossfit, July one month in, August two months in.

Eat Paleo like you give a fuck about your life. Crossfit to live that life to the fullest.

Keep it thuggish, ruggish and toned,

Pamela Martha Focker

3 thoughts on “Crossfitting beast! (for 2 whole months, don’t judge me)

  1. That is just awesome to hear! Kudos to you for getting to where you are and not worrying about the scale or how much you’ve lost. That has been the most difficult part for me since I was obese for most of my childhood. I know that I do currently weigh more than I did when I went Paleo just about a year ago, I know that I’m in better health. I’m also 2 sizes smaller than I was a year ago, and that just goes to show you that I’m more muscle and less fat. 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing and being that inspiration that your daughter wants to emulate.

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