A pound of meat…mix and done.


We live in the times of cheap,fast and just gross…like your mother.

So in the past month people are all up in arms about “yoga mats and subway….blah blah blah”. Truth is that’s not the problem in today’s society.
Sure it’s fucked up that the government allows these ingredients in our food, but we have the choice to consume it.

I have a good pack of Paleo bloggers as friends (well known in the community) and I always hear the same things from their readers:

Your recipes are too hard for me

…the ingredients your recipe calls for are too expensive you should cater to people like me.


We live in a world of quick and easy but that’s exactly what has made us a generation of sick fuckers.

There was no such thing as quick and easy back in the days. You would have to get your bitch ass up and kill for your food.

If the box says: cheap,easy,or quick then it’s a cheap,easy and quick way to obtain diabetes.


So stop being little bitches about prices of ingredients and level of work you have to do to obtain a awesome sauce that is all natural and cheese free.
It’s tough to make recipes (which is why I haven’t done much of that lately) and pleasing everyone is just a huge bitch.
Too expensive?
Then you really don’t value your life ( not like how I value your life 😁)
Too hard?
It’s harder being sick,tired and stupid.

Why are you worried about eating yoga mats? You should be more worried that you can’t make yourself a sandwich,mungaloid!

Keep it thuggish thuggish and toned

Pamela Martha Focker