“You’re not perfect”


You act like you’re perfect,but you’re not!

Ahhhh words of probably every single hater I’ve ever had since starting Paleo. Talk about how shitty of a person I am to preach Paleo but still eat that random taco from time to time. What an asshole to judge me for eating a taco from time to time.

Being Paleo is never striving to be perfect…we don’t live to criticize someone on what they eat. We merely tell them to cut the bullshit so they won’t be sick. Granted, I’ve been sick lately, thyroid is acting like a complete bitch, pain is back. But then again should I be surprised? I ate that gluten free ciabatta bread like my life depended on it at Trader Joes. I feel like shit when I wake up at times, not surprised when I do in fact eat one of the best fucking tacos in this city.

Why on earth would I deprive myself of a taco? It’s just a taco, he didn’t do anything to me.

Now, don’t go off eating like a stupid bastard and say “well PMF told me it was okay , so…”. One of the wisest women I know said it the best ” pale-you” (www.paleochef.com)and that my friends is what you should remember. Paleo isn’t an all fits one type shit. There is some people who can tolerate things that others can’t. In the end it’s really about listening to our bodies.

Giving a fuck about what some dumbass says about you not being perfect is a crock of shit. Especially while they hold a bottle of big red in one hand and ramen noodles in the other.

Uhhh no. I may cheat, but I make sure the shit isn’t gonna kill me….ok that’s dramatic…maybe not kill me, but give me a serious case of runny butt. Don’t nobody like a runny butt.

I may not always cheat but when I do, I make sure it didn’t cost me a total of $1.89 and some water

So please guys don’t let a mungaloid make you feel less of a person because they know they can’t have the determination to do what you do.

It’s easy to cook that hamburger helper. It’s not so easy making a meal that doesn’t come from a box.

keep it thuggish,thuggish and toned
Pamela Martha Focker


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