HISD, you are full of shit.


Mommy, my teacher says you owe her $34 or I can’t go on the field trip.

What the fuck?

I know a shit ton of my readers have seen the dreaded white box full of chocolate for school fundraisers. Odd part…they waited until the end of the year this year. Why? Are we raising funds for next year?


What’s more of a “dick move” on HISD’s part, is not only are they contributing to child obesity but they have my child selling their chocolate crack. Why,HISD,are you guys asking making children make other children obese, yet so against it in your rules…clearly stated on Houstonisd.org.


Wait…it’s okay,as long as you’re raising funds for the school.
Almost like the calories or bullshit that is in the candy melts away for a “good cause”. I get it, schools need extra funds for supplies,trips etc. , but at what cost? The cost of my own integrity of asking my child to sell the two fucking boxes of chocolates you sent home for her to sell? If not, she won’t be able to attend a funky ass trip to the zoo? Which by the way isn’t close to $60 (2 boxes of chocolate bars) for a family of 5 Fockers.


oh Focker, you’re being a little dramatic, they are just candy bars…just help the school and stop being so judgmental.

Fuck that.
When it comes to the future of our children…I give a shit. Our kids are bombarded with bullshit ass food and I WONT contribute to it.

Why do I hate these chocolates?


See that? Soya (soy) Lecithin, an emulsifier, a way to fuck you up.

…but Dr. Oz says it’s okay!

Uhhh did Dr. Oz also tell you that over 90% of Soy crops are Genetically modified? No? Well shit…if we can’t trust what main stream media tells us then who are we to rely on?

What we “finna” do?

Well the Obama administration is helping tackle child hood obesity… So there is really nothing to worry about…Let’s move is for the health of our children.


Ahh yes…”Let’s move”, should do wonders to the public school system and food choices. We all know there was need there. Then again…has there been a change?


You gonna eat dat corn bread?
This is my motha fucking corn bread!

Makes sense on why the inmates fight over food.
It’s disturbing that we put more into funding criminal’s food than our own children.
I guess telling our kids that prison is bad is kind of a lie? The food is obviously better than school food.

So sad,yet so eye opening.

What examples are the schools we trust to teach our kids, setting?

Tell your mom to buy 10 more so you and your sisters can eat them! Yummy!

Why is my kid so eager to sell some bullshit candy for a small trip?
Shouldn’t we be teaching them to make healthier choices?
The after school program actually has a green house with cabbage,kale,radishes and such. Why not sell that? Why not sell me those organically produced veggies?
Priorities in the school system have changed.

Time to wake the fuck up HISD.

Want money to raise? Well start with bringing back recycling program… Raise money with helping the environment. How about starting a HISD farmers market? All proceeds go back to the school?

Just stop making me pay $35 for chocolates I ended up sending to my husband’a job for him to sell. Funny thing, adults know better, and he has only sold 1.

Oh and if you think I’m still tripping on the school lunch, the Supreme Court just ruled tomato as a vegetable. Which makes ketchup a vegetable, and makes those fries and ketchup one healthy ass lunch for your kid.


Keep it thuggish thuggish and toned


10 thoughts on “HISD, you are full of shit.

  1. What a great article, I challenge everyone to go volunteer in the lunch room of your kiddos school. You will never let them eat that crap again. Even the kids don’t eat much of it, they’re bodies instinctually know it’s terrible. I jump through hopes to pack my kids lunch!

    • Meh, gets my point across with youth. You can agree with that? Had a conversation with a 14 year old about milk…said shit once and it was almost as if I became Dr. Oz and he actually listened to me about the effects. Don’t look at the words…see the message.

  2. I love this!!! I have a 1st and 2nd grader and am currently my school’s PTO president. I am so glad that the fundraisiers we do don’t center around candy or other types of garbage food. Yes, there’s popcorn, ice cream, and other treats when an in-school event happens, but I’m not forced to sell it. And I wouldn’t want to either. When you mentioned something about school lunches…..makes me glad I’ve gone thie entire school year sending my kids with food from home. The stuff I see in there is garbage, and I think it looks like dog food too. Some days I don’t understand how the kids can eat it.

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