PMF, y u curse so much?


do you honestly have to use such profanity when you write these articles?

I have seen that over and over since the last post. I offended people with my foul language. It happens every so often. My blog is a baby compared to newbies because of it. Sometimes it effects me, because I’ve been blogging for a while. Then I remember why I started.


Most people see cursing as a sign of ignorance or being uneducated , but people in high rank corporations curse as well. It’s almost like only poor unfortunate people curse. Seriously, I’ve been in the ghetto, they curse a lot more than the higher class people across the street. Does that make their life any less important?

The ghettos aren’t filled with chipotles, Starbucks, or whole foods. They are filled with McDonald’s, taco bells, and Dominos.
You may say:

what does this have to do with your foul mouth?

Poor communities aren’t given the same advantages as most. Trust me when I say this…because I have been there. I though getting name brand canned food was being snooty. Lol

Mind you, I come from the country, had both parents, middle class, same home for my whole life. I had security, so I wasn’t poor. Just normal folk.
Then I moved to the city,started living on my own, whoa… Talk about tough!

I thought that Ramen noodle soups and scrambled eggs were a complete meal. I thought diet coke was a completely better way to drink.
I didn’t know anything.

I used to spend $80 for two weeks of groceries for me and my husband that was filled with processed junk.
Was there anyone in my beloved “Nawfside” to tell me differently? No.

…either they don’t know,don’t show,or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.

THAT…my friends is a quote!
Write that down, because it’s true.

Nobody cares what people in the ghetto eat. Nobody.
Then they type in on google:

Wtf is Paleo?


See that?

wait…what’s thug gotta do with Paleo? Let me see wtf is going on here.

I got them in. Just by using a choice of words.
Do I use these words?
Sometimes. I’m actually working on not cursing so much,as having conversations with my clients without saying a bad words gets difficult at times.

If I had someone like me telling me what I know,now. I may have never got sick. Seriously.

Dear 20 year old self,
Don’t eat that sh*t, it’s filled with so many chemicals that will make you hurt every single morning when you are 29. Don’t make the hamburger helper, it will cause you to have to take chemotherapy drugs. Don’t be an a**hole and drink that diet coke…it makes you cry everyday from the pain when you are 27. Get your sh*t together…because you are killing yourself slowly. Dumba**.

Your 29 year old self

Don’t take my curse words so much as foul, but a way for people to relate.
Paleo isn’t only for the people who visit chipotle, or whole foods.

It’s also for people who visit fiesta, and food town. I do this for the people who are like I was. The ones struggling to make ends meet, but wanna change in their life.

Struggle isn’t not being able to get coconut milk in your Starbucks coffee.
Struggle is feeding your family on a small budget.
Struggle is “thinking” that captain crunch is cheaper to feed your kids than getting bacon and eggs.
Struggle is ordering .99 tacos to feed your family because it’s all that’s available to you in your area.
Struggle is only being able to shop at local grocery stores because you’re without a vehicle.


Before someone says:

you can just take the bus to the nearest trader joes…

I have a car, I have my own business, even with a full cart of organic produce…I get looks of “whoa, a Hispanic knows what cauliflower is?”.

I don’t let that get to me though.
When I get those looks, I always say it loud (enough for the person who was staring so hard):

shiiiiiiit, gonna get down on some Mexican cauli-rice!!! Charge it to my company card!

I’m me…I do this for people like me.

The ones who come from eating crap to eating well…without breaking their bank.

This blog is for them.
This blog is for all who can relate.
This blog is for you.

Just don’t judge me for trying to reach out to those who need it the most.

keep it thuggish,ruggish and toned


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