“You’re fat”


How can you be Paleo? You’re kind of big…

Of course I knew that I would eventually get this question asked. It was expected, especially when starting my own personal chef business. Truth is, I didn’t cut out the bullshit to become skinny. I did it to feel better, and that was my only goal.

Granted, there are a shit ton of Paleo authors,and bloggers who are thin,but some people can’t fathom the fact that they were thin to begin with. Whatever the case might be,every single person is different. I’m the type of person who condones being different. You won’t find my ass following a crowd!

Now I bring up this subject today for a reason, I’m dealing with my daughter being bullied because she’s on the thick side. Mind you, she’s dropped 3 pant sizes in the last few months, but to some asshole kid…that information is irrelevant.

I don’t understand why, as human beings we have to put ourselves in a category of “skinny” or “fat”. In fact, I hate that word “fat”, unless I’m eating it, it doesn’t belong in our mouths.

“You’re fat”

What the fuck does that mean?
People have fat, it doesn’t define them as to what they are. This kid who’s picking on my daughter is hairy as a yeti… Do we call him hair?

I’m saying this because it’s time we stop saying this about ourselves, and about each other. It’s fucking stupid. We are all beautiful in one way or another.

Now to go inside my daughter’s school to scare the shit out of this boy.

She won’t say “fuck you,asshole” like I told her to. The school knows me, the administration fears me.
I don’t fuck around.

So remember ladies and gents,
Nobody is defined by their pant size.
They should be defined by their accomplishments and shit.

Get it together America. Because this is bullshit!


6 thoughts on ““You’re fat”

  1. Please tell me you DID go into that school and scare the shit out of that bully! How incredibly rude. I wish I could go with you and punch him in the teeth. #bulliessuck

  2. See, the thing is, when you have someone interacting with you with words like, “You’re still the same cheating asshole you were last year” they’d better look the shit. You…don’t. You look like a cheating asshole.

  3. Im not a bully…im far from it. I have clients who need that push…they have the drive they just dont utilize it until pushed hard enough. I never said i was perfect. Your comments alone seem to be “bully-like”,not mine.
    And oh well…one less follower who gets butt hurt when it has absolutely nothing to do with them personally… You know…like most trolls do.

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