“My 600 pound life”


Ok so I may get a ton of shit for this,but since when does that actually matter to me?

So there’s a show that most of y’all know called “My 600 pound life” it’s basically showing morbidly obese patients undergoing surgery to help them lose weight and the struggles of living life after.

My take on surgery…unless you change your eating habits,figure out why you are over eating , surgery will never help. Everyone thinks that most people who are morbidly obese make themselves that way overnight. But truth is that they allowed something,or someone to make them turn to food for comfort.

Food is a drug to people like that, and although we can live without drugs we can’t live without food. I don’t care how many coffee enemas Taylor Swift sticks up her ass, she fucking eats.

I’m bringing this up because as I had a basket full of veggies,fruits, and protein, a women in her mid 30’s about 200-250 pounds passed by me,her basket was full of starches,processed bullshit,and soda.
As she passed me I overheard saying to her children as she was reaching for a can of Vienna sausage, “I want to lose weight with the surgery that you see on tv” the kids responded with “and we can still eat macaroni,mommy?”…”yes,baby!”

My mind was blown, people think these surgeries are the solution to their problems. Never mind that her weight could easily be fixed with proper diet and exercise. She would rather go through surgery than to try to push through and conquer her weight on her own.

Ladies…. You are capable of more than you know, you birth babies,you nurture, heal and love them and you can do the same for yourself!

Men… You are capable of more than you know, you love women and put up with their shit and can lose weight two times faster than them just cutting out sugar…so what’s the problem? Lol


We have to stop feeding ideas into ourselves and children of an easy way out, and that’s with everything in life.

“Awesome as fuck” things don’t come easy in life.

So fuck all the “quick weight loss” bullshit…real weight loss…doesn’t happen quickly…it’s a process and the harder you work the better it feels.

Dear mother of 2,
You don’t need surgery, don’t risk your life to live your life. You can do this…minus the macaroni. It’s going to be hard, but your kids are watching and they look up to you. You got this! 🙌


-as I typed this…10 commercials on weight loss pills/surgery have came on.
Don’t be sheep…be the wolf.

One thought on ““My 600 pound life”

  1. There are not a lot of people that would actually have the guts to publically say this even though we know that they’re all thinking it. In my opinion, you’re right on the money with your thoughts. People are always looking for the quick fix on EVERYTHING!!! Life isn’t easy. Shit makes it have every day. Taking the “easy” route won’t magically make everything better.

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