Are detox diets feeding a bad habit?


detoxing diets are feeding bad habits and may cause orthorexia

Yeah…don’t go that far,not everyone thinks the same.

The word “detox” is overly used and is definitely a marketing word, so remembering that is key. It’s just cutting out bullshit. Now don’t get me wrong, there are detox diets that are fucking stupid and make no sense and can cause more harm than good but that’s not for me to judge. For me, a juice diet would never work…my body likes to chew and swallow…lol! But for some this may work. I have a client who feels tons better every day from drinking a green smoothie every morning. Who am I to judge? It works for her.

Orthorexia is a term used for people who take dieting to the extreme which could lead to malnutrition and death. The thought that someone can think that eliminating certain foods (paleofied junk food) is going to cause me malnutrition actually pisses me off. As if I am too incompetent to know when I’m doing harm to myself.

I started the Whole30 journey for one reason:
To take control of my thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis.
NOT to lose weight.


Eliminating foods,especially if you have an autoimmune issue, is okay. Reintroducing those things slowly and seeing exactly what foods cause you harm is also okay.

This form of “fit-shaming” BS is getting old, some people choose to live a certain way and it helps them with whatever they are dealing with.

Now…if you are known in the past to have eating disorders, don’t place a name on eating better, just cut the bullshit out. Don’t eat “_____” because it makes you feel bad, not because “such and such” from the blog ” blah blah” says it’s not on the list.
In fact, I plan on not calling what I’m doing whole30 anymore. Im calling it: “just eating better”.

In the fine words of my friend Mary the Paleo chef: “Paleoyou” even though I don’t like the word “Paleo” anymore,she makes a lot of sense. Eat what makes you feel better.

For me: “Paleo” pancakes make my joints hurt…maple syrup makes me lethargic.

I guess that means I will die of malnutrition?

Fuck no.

Everyone is on their own journey to health!

Please guys, stop putting so much into what people think or say into what actually works for you. Don’t glorify bloggers because of the transformation they had. Not everyone is the same. Don’t diet,don’t detox,just eliminate foods that make you feel like shit, and do it responsibly.




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