I be that bitch (about me)


Let’s start off with my home life. I’m married with children (that’s right I’m Peggy Bundy) I have 2 rescue dogs, one being the infamously known pooch: Mama. We live in Houston, Texas, and I’m a stay at home madre (that means mother). I love to blog the crap outta some something worth ranting about, so because of my mouth and love of Paleo, I started this shit. I’m an avid exerciser of lifting my middle finger to ignorant drivers who don’t put their signal light on. I curse like a sailor in real life. I don’t just write or type it – I live it. My husband thinks I have an addiction to cooking and not cleaning up afterwards, but hey cooking takes a lot out of me. I’ve cussed out an old lady for staring at me in the grocery store. Needless to say she was my mother’s friend, and I’m still grounded – doesn’t matter that I am 30. If I could make out with bacon I would. I would marry the shit out of bacon, and love it so hard, forever.

On March 24th 2010 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Rheumatoid arthritis, my life seemed over and it felt like all was lost. Seriously. Fast forward to October 8th, 2012, the day my life truly began. I know people say that their life started when they had kids or found love or some bullshit like that, but not me. My life began when I started to live clean. No more chemotherapy drugs or steroids. I’m not saying this is the way out of most health issues, but for me and many others, it’s literally a way of survival or just to have a normal life. I’ve gone from spending thousands of dollars on medicine to spending hundreds at the farmers market.  Who would have thought that my body would be angry with me for eating bags of chips or downing cans of diet coke? I’m not in the greatest shape known to man… but my ass is fifty pounds lighter, thanks to Paleo, and bacon.

So in short:

I’m taken and I fucking love bacon.

20 thoughts on “I be that bitch (about me)

  1. Hello there fellow Houstonian,
    It’s official: You are the Chelsea Lately of Houston blogs. I am totally bookmarking your site. Keep up the great work…I mean keep up the great fucking work.

    Alli@ OodlesOfTime.com

  2. Yes..I’m tired of feeling sluggish all the time and always resorting to what’s “convenient” for me and Carlos….we need change!!!

  3. I follow you on instagram…happy to find your blog! I was diagnosed in 2011 with RA but I guess it died….and has recently flared up so I’m starting a whole30 and DAMN… I want a cookie and a Diet Coke! Sigh! I’m in Texas, too! (DFW area) Howdy to my kick ass neighbor!

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